August 12, 2008

I've been talking about the 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Tally and updates for the past days, when in fact this blog is about how to make money online. In my earlier post-Beijing Olympics 2008, I tackled about getting traffic from events that transpire in the real world- like this "Summer Olympics 2008.. In my earlier article, I said that getting into the SERP for the keyword "Beijing Olympic Games Medal Tally , is already tough because of the high competition as many wemasters are already optimizing ahead of me. Like what I said, if I get into the top page for the keyword, then I must be very lucky. Let's see if I am indeed lucky enough:

2008 Beijing Olympics medal tally

olympics medal tally
Sounds lucky enough to get into that rank. But a lot of webmasters are too good at optimization techniques that they can easily outrank my blog which is a PR-0, and articles about Beijing Olympic Medal Tally were only posted a few days ago. There really is no point of rejoicing on my part. I may be in the SERP today and I'd be gone tomorrow. That's how unstable the search rankings are especially if you don't have good high ranking website supporting your blog through a backlink.

Do I have that support from a high PR website? No, I don't! I don't know if this blog will survive today, tomorrow and until the Olympic Games end.

Now as to the question of money- am I making money by doing posts on the Beijing Olympic Medal Tally? I'd be honest as there's no point of telling lies here or covering up the real situation.

Just a little money! Why? Am not getting thousands of traffic to this blog. I haven't even hit the thousand mark. It's a tough battle. I feel like am also participating in the Olympics here. Bloggers and webmasters know what I mean. But lucky webmasters are already making money in the Olympic Games event.

I also don't promote many affiliate products here. I noticed most visitors just visit, look at a few pages in this blog and leave. I don't think many would be interested at affiliate products. The likelihood is there however. But in case you are interested at making money online just browse through the pages and you'll definitely learn something and you'll earn.

Anyway, despite only a very slight increase in terms of earnings for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, rest assured I will keep on posting updates on the medal tally count of the countries in the Olympic Games.

I also welcome donations. If you feel like giving me some cash so that I can buy a burger everyday as I bring you the latest updates on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Medal Count, and Tally I appreciate that a lot. A 1 dollar donation can go far enough. Just click the donate button (sidebar)and support me as I blog about the 2008 Beijing Olympic Medal Tally and Results.


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