August 06, 2008

An important lesson to learn as an affiliate is to capitalize on recent events to bring traffic to your site. Needless to say, traffic is what gives you buyers or leads or sales. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is one special event that bloggers and webmasters are optimizing at the moment. Some optimize "Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal tally" .Why? because of the traffic. With thousands if not millions of people searching for the latest updates on the Beijing Olympics and your site ranks 1, you can increase your sales as an affiliate earner.

I don't optimize the keyword Beijing Olympics 2008 here because of the already crowded competition. Optimizing early is the best key to outranking other sites. If you happen to visit this blog through Beijing Olympics 2008 Medal Tally then perhaps I just got lucky to crack into the SERP.

Here's the link to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Medal Tally and Overall Medal Standings
Learn how to watch the Beijing Olympics Online.


  1. VLADINATI said...
    Great idea...its time to get to work.
    beijing olympics medal updates said...
    it sure is.. amazingly i've got a few visitors searching for the olympics medal tally.. time to push my site to a higher ranking.. let's see how i manage.

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