September 30, 2008

Got A PSP? Wanting to download free psp games online? There are lots of sites offering free psp games for download. Just google for them using '"downloadable psp games" or download free psp games.

Top 10 PSP Games according to Ign dot com include the following:

1. WWE SmackDown 2009
2. The Force Unleashed
3. LEGO Batman
4. GTA: Vice City Stories
5. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7
6. FIFA 09
7. GTA: Liberty City Stories
8. WWE SmackDown 2008
9. Madden 09
10. Brothers in Arms D-Day

Just google for these games and have fun with your portable psp!

September 16, 2008

Another Affiliate program that you may not have known or you may have failed to take into consideration in earning money online is credit card affiliate program. These days, the need for credit cards is rising. Credit Cards are very useful especially when you need something and you are out of cash.

There are so many credit cards available depending on your needs. You can choose a few of these credit cards and apply for their affiliate program. Credit Card affiliate programs can give you passive income by referring customers. You can tell your friends about a particular credit card, convince them to get one and give them your link. You can get between $20 to $200 in most credit card affiliate program commissions. That's a good addition to your monthly income.

I shall be providing sooner a list of good credit card affiliate programs that you can join and promote to earn cash. So please stick around.

September 11, 2008

As an affiliate marketer, it is important to have a credit card or a debit card for your paypal account. This is of paramount importance as most affiliate programs or money making programs pay via paypal. I am reminded of the importance of credit card because I received an email from someone who wants to make money online yet does not have a credit card and a paypal account too.

In countries like the Philippines, not everyone owns a credit card. But a better alternative would be a debit card for Paypal purposes. A debit card doesn't cost much compared to credit cards.

So here's some things to do first if you want to make money online:

1. Get a credit card or a debit card.
2. Use your credit card or debit card at least once just to have a transaction history.
3. You can then apply for a paypal account using your credit card or debit card.
4. Join affiliate programs and earn.

September 09, 2008

OMG! Ball Jointed Dolls are selling well. Many people are hooked to this BJD - Ball Jointed Dolls. Mind you, they are not cheap. As I see, these dolls look like ordinary dolls to me. But they are so pricey.

Ball jointed dolls as defined by Wikipedia

ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. In contemporary usage when referring to modern dolls, and particularly when using the acronyms BJD or ABJD it usually refers to modern Asian ball-jointed dolls.[1] These are cast in polyurethane resin, a hard, dense plastic, and the parts strung together with a thick elastic. They are predominantly manufactured in Japan and South Korea, and in 2006 Chinese manufacturers entered the market. BJD design is both realistic and influenced by anime with proportionally large heads and big eyes. They range in size from about 60 cm (2 feet) for the larger dolls, 40 cm (16 in) for the mini dolls, and all the way down to 10 cm (4 in) or so for the tiniest of the tiny BJDs. BJDs are made to be easy to customize, by painting, changing the eyes and wig, and so forth.

Despite the price, many people are buying ball jointed dolls. The nicest thing about Ball Jointed Dolls or BJD is being able to customize your doll. You can change it's wig, dress, hands, feet and eyes. But eyes for your BJD can cause somewhere between $30 to $100. Now that's a lot of money!

I joined an SEO contest "Captivating Capiz" as the target keyword. I joined because I want to test my SEO skills. I had my entry posted in this article Captivating Capiz. Unfortunately, google has not indexed the blog post yet. I think it will show in the search results in a matter of a day or two. I wish google indexes my blog posts in minutes like what other blogs are experiencing. I can only wish. So anyway, this post in this blog is also one way of finding just how fast google indexes articles in this blog.

Looking for

Evan Tanner is dead!

The former UFC Champion died last monday due to a possible heat stroke. Tanner was found dead miles away from his camp after a "cleansing trek". Authorities speculate the possibility that Evan Tanner died of heat stroke. His motorcyle was found without gas. Tanner possibly went for a walk with a 115-118 degree of heat.

Too bad Evan Tanner died this way. He was only 37 years old.

September 08, 2008

paralympics slogan

Here's another event going on- the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games. In the previous Paralympics, China was the dominating country. The same success was experienced by China in the most recent 2008 Beijing Olympics. The 2008 Paralympic Games has started last September 6, 2008 and will continue until September 17, 2008.

For the Paralympics Medal Count, or Paralympics Medal Tally, please bookmark this page as we will be providing you with the data very soon. We are figuring a way to create a Paralympics Medal Tally table that updates automatically. Please bear with us.paralympics mascot

Paralympics Medal Tally

September 06, 2008

Miley Cyrus is not dead. All rumors about the teen star's death in a car accident is apparently a hoax. Miley Cyrus is not dead.

There was no report of any car accident involving Miley Cyrus coming from authorities. The pictures that leaked that allegedly were said to be Miley Cyrus are not Miley Cyrus. They were pictures of a young girl named Nikki Catsouras, who was an 18-year-old, decapitated in a tragic car accident while driving her father’s Porsche last year.

So Miley Cyrus is not dead!

September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin's Speech was delivered..
Watch Sarah Palin's Speech Video below

Read Complete Speech Text of Sarah Palin