August 12, 2008

The Americans must be so proud of Michael Phelps. This amazing athlete has already won 3 gold medals for the United States in the swimming competition in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • Men's 200m Free Final
  • Men's 4 x 100m Free Final
  • Men's 400m Medley Final

Michael is still scheduled to compete for other events in the swimming category. The Americans are hoping for another gold or gold medals as Phelps compete once more. Michael Phelps is really giving Americans the heart and the hope to win in the Beijing Olympics.

So who is Michael Phelps? Well, I got this mini biography of him.

Some information about Michael Phelps:

  • Birthdate: June 30, 1985
  • Weight: 201 lbs (91 kg)
  • Height: 63 (1.93 m)
  • Age: 23 years
  • Gender: Male

Some of Phelps records in the previous Olympic Games.
  • first athlete ever to win eight medals (six gold) at a non-boycotted Olympic Games in 2004.
  • His eight medals tie 1980 USSR gymnast Alexandr Dityatin for most medals by an athlete in a single Olympics.
  • Youngest male Olympian since 1932 (2000 Olympics).
2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count and Tally
Michael Phelps Wins His 5th Gold Medal in the Olympics


  1. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Medal Results said...
    Geek in the Pink said...
    He made Six golds at the 2004 Olympics. Seven golds at the 2007 Worlds. Michael Phelps will enter eight races in Beijing within reach of multiple records, including most career Olympic golds (9) and most golds at a single Games (7).

    And now Phelps wins 400m, takes gold and breaks his own world record in the 400m IM.

    see Michael Phelps 2008 Olympic Winning Moment Photos

    Would he take 8 Gold medals this time?

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