February 27, 2008

Today I decide to introduce you to Moreniche. Moreniche is an affiliate program which promises to give you $20 per referral you bring to the site.Pretty impressive. But to get your $20 your referrals must make a sale first. Similar to how affiliate programs really work, you need to bring in sales and or leads to the site to get paid of your commission. As an affiliate this program will work in the long run giving you a steady flow of money granting that you have good traffic to your site with a wide range of coverage of potential customers or buyers.

As an affiliate the challenge will be on how to convince people to buy the product you offer to them. If you successfully convince people to buy then that's when money comes in. Moreniche however has a good referral program from 2nd tier to multi tiered referral, the latter giving you a continuous share of your referrals earnings even up to the 4th referral.For more information, check out the site!

February 26, 2008

Money is not infinite. It is a resource that can run dry in your pocket. It depletes. Money, Choice and Savings go hand in hand in your success. In almost anything we do we spend money and when we spend money vanishes fast but earning money is hard and takes time. How you spend your money depends on the choices you make even in the little things in life. A good choice means a money well spent and savings earned. For instance buying office desks, office furniture or office storage requires planning and right choice. If you are starting out a business and you create your own office, the money spent for office enhancement is covered by the money invested in your business. Thus it is something that you shouldn't belittle.

Think wise, buy wise! Speaking of furnitures particularly office desk, always go for thick desk top, preferably with thick edging and double upstand legs. A good quality office desk will last long and although it may be a little pricey than other office desk the long term savings you will get is worth it. You can get just exactly what I describe yet for a tolerable cheap price at Intercounty's website.

Coming in different sizes, shapes, colors. You can even match office desks and storage bins. Another important factor to look to when buying is the warranty. The longer the warranty offered it signifies better quality. Intercounty has an 8 year warranty on their office desks so that's a very positive indication of quality and durability. As closing words, always remember even in the littlest of things a good decision means a lot. So always think wise, act wise and live wise!

February 18, 2008

Recently I came across BlgAds. It's a pay per click program. You place ads in your blog and you get paid when someone clicks on them. Membership is free and the minimum payout is only $30. You get paid by wire transfer which has a charge of $15 and $5 for bloggers for Romania as BlgAds has a bank account in Romania. The nice thing is that the payout is only $30 and you can request for cash out anytime as long as you reach the minimum payout. In a maximum of 7 days you will get your money. So say goodbye to the long monthly wait!

Below I have included a screenshot of how the ads from BlgAds will look like. The ads are easily customizable. You can get rid of the borders to make the ads blend with your articles . You can also easily change the colors of the text. The customization is a lot better in comparison to other ppc programs as there are also lots of banner sizes to choose from. Some banner sizes are not available in other blog advertising network. Take for instance the Rail for Search and the Easy Feed. Please see illustration below. These types of ads are not available in other ppc programs. This goes to show that you can easily make the ads appear like content from your blogs. The more the ads appear part of your site, the more likely people will click on them.

The Rail For Search is very ideal to fill in those small spaces in your blog. Just put no borders and you are set to go. I am actually implementing the ads in one of my blogs and will keep everyone updated on the results!

February 13, 2008

Part of the game lover side of me is the character of not being able to settle for just what’s in and trendy. I like to discover, explore new things. In online casino for instance I have come across a number of sites. Online casino and other online games is probably becoming the fastest growing industry with advent of computers and internet connection all over the world.

Online casino players have all the advantages nowadays. Playing has never been easy when players can simply browse the internet, click their mouse and be directed to the best information sites about online casinos. The Online Casino List dot com for instance ranks high in my list. It contains reviews of the best online casinos all over the world. All reviews are made by 20 editors with factors as payout time, game play, speed, and even security among others as gauges. The site is a guide letting players find the information they need, the best online casino site for them in less of a time. Newbies can even browse through the beginners guide section and also get some free tips on online gaming. The site is useful for online casino players. The little fonts may be a little disadvantage to some but to me it’s perfectly fine.

February 08, 2008

You don't have to be a techno savvy person to know just how important it is to have a data protection and security software. Now I am just about to introduce to you a software which is far way different from all the softwares and other techno-related enhancements I have talked about.

Tilana Reserve is a software utility and off site data storage service that provides file protection and synchronization to business and home PC users. How is this done? Your files are transmitted to and from a secure storage space at Tilana data center. Your files are encrypted so you retain your privacy and you are guaranteed of Continuous data protection. The protected files are stored in a personal remote storage, along with other save multiple versions of your files. You have easy remote file access of all your protected files through history palette in the desktop software control panel.

Tilana Reserve will synchronize all your files in your pc even the slightest change will reflect and be recorded. Just think of an exact clone of your pc files, songs, videos, pictures, etc.The protected files can be sync'ed between multiple computers using the same account easily through a remote storage access.

Just imagine this your pc went crazy and all files are lost. You can't even turn your pc on literally but withe Tilana Reserve you have all your protected files safe even if you'll loose your pc. You have all your files and access them using any web browser from anywhere. How's that?

February 07, 2008

My younger brother who was not fond with playing online casino was finally persuaded to join me and my dad's latest past time. At first he was reluctant and always had something not so good to say about online casino. He likes to play online games but not online casino. He like cs- or counterstrike and other computer and online games. Finally he noticed how we love online casino
so curiosity popped in and so he tried the game. Of course we were so happy to know someone just joined our league. We call it league at home.(lol) Just after a few more days of playing online casino with or without our skillful supervision and advice my brother was ready to make the game part of his weekly routine. He plays every week and we can see the improvement in the way he plays. It only shows playing online casino is not that easy to learn and it's got this X factor that get people carried away the moment they start to learn the game. At the moment my brother is learning more and more online games and we can tell in time he'll surpass both dad and me in terms of expertise.

February 02, 2008

Talking of Rugby sports makes me remember an old dear cousin who’d leave all of us in the midst of our play because the Rugby game has just started and it’s aired on TV. Considering our young ages perhaps 9 or 11 my other cousins and I don’t really understand why the rush for such a game. Now I understand and even watch rugby on TV myself.

Europe’s been conducting a premier international rugby tournament involving its 6 nations namely England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. I’m sure this tournament has lots of followers. Unlucky for me it’s not aired on TV where I live. But I could still browse RBS 6 Nations website and get the latest updates, news about the tournament. There’s a podcasts section as well for fans. Getting the latest rugby news is really just a click away. If you like rugby too or just curious about this sports you can visit the site and head over the multimedia and Photo section, where you will find this popular game played and caught on camera.

February 01, 2008

If you play blackjack, poker, slots, and any other online game, then you better pay attention to this post. Time and time again I have reiterated that there is nothing wrong with playing casino or online games as long as you know your bounds and play wisely. Also I have always acknowledged the possibility of online gaming to bring you riches. As I was browsing through Bobgambling an authority site for online blackjack players I was struck with what I read. You see, Bobgambling offers the latest in terms of news, software and gaming features as well as reviews of the best online gaming sites. I was struck to know that a certain Dianne B. of Georgia made millions of US dollars just by playing slots- Gold Rally Slots. This only proves what I’ve been always talking before. There’s money in playing and although luck may have played a big part, those who don’t give playing a try will never know how far their luck could bring them. To know the rest of the story about Dianne visit Bobgambling site. And to all blackjack players and other game players just do your thing who knows you could be the next Dianne.

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