February 18, 2008

Recently I came across BlgAds. It's a pay per click program. You place ads in your blog and you get paid when someone clicks on them. Membership is free and the minimum payout is only $30. You get paid by wire transfer which has a charge of $15 and $5 for bloggers for Romania as BlgAds has a bank account in Romania. The nice thing is that the payout is only $30 and you can request for cash out anytime as long as you reach the minimum payout. In a maximum of 7 days you will get your money. So say goodbye to the long monthly wait!

Below I have included a screenshot of how the ads from BlgAds will look like. The ads are easily customizable. You can get rid of the borders to make the ads blend with your articles . You can also easily change the colors of the text. The customization is a lot better in comparison to other ppc programs as there are also lots of banner sizes to choose from. Some banner sizes are not available in other blog advertising network. Take for instance the Rail for Search and the Easy Feed. Please see illustration below. These types of ads are not available in other ppc programs. This goes to show that you can easily make the ads appear like content from your blogs. The more the ads appear part of your site, the more likely people will click on them.

The Rail For Search is very ideal to fill in those small spaces in your blog. Just put no borders and you are set to go. I am actually implementing the ads in one of my blogs and will keep everyone updated on the results!


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