February 07, 2008

My younger brother who was not fond with playing online casino was finally persuaded to join me and my dad's latest past time. At first he was reluctant and always had something not so good to say about online casino. He likes to play online games but not online casino. He like cs- or counterstrike and other computer and online games. Finally he noticed how we love online casino
so curiosity popped in and so he tried the game. Of course we were so happy to know someone just joined our league. We call it league at home.(lol) Just after a few more days of playing online casino with or without our skillful supervision and advice my brother was ready to make the game part of his weekly routine. He plays every week and we can see the improvement in the way he plays. It only shows playing online casino is not that easy to learn and it's got this X factor that get people carried away the moment they start to learn the game. At the moment my brother is learning more and more online games and we can tell in time he'll surpass both dad and me in terms of expertise.


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