January 07, 2008

Poker Online

The game of poker has increasingly gained more followers all over the world. Here in the Philippines alone, a lot of people are playing the game. I looked at Google Trends to see how the term poker is searched online as against the term basketball, I was a bit surprise to find out that the former is more popularly searched than the latter keyword. Not a conclusive evidence though, but it tells us somehow, that poker is gaining more popularity.

I found a website compokers dot com and it talks about the game of poker online. Part of the topics tackled by this site are poker game rules, poker history poker tournament result, pro player profiles. The site is more of a review site for all online poker destinations, a must visit for those who like the game of poker.

The site has a clean and simple design with no advertisements whatsoever. Yes no advertisements, no google ads, no bidvertiser ads, no adbrite ads, nothing- zero! I don’t see any animated pictures or letters or words either. There is nothing that will divert your attention from reading the articles in the site. Although I find all of these good, I would like to see a little more color for the site.

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