January 07, 2008

Playing casino online is not online fun and rewarding, but do you know that you can make money by referring other people to your favorite game? There is a casino affiliate program which works by paying affiliates who can bring players to their casino site . This is interesting so please pay attention.

Becoming a Casino Affiliate is free, no cost involved. You can apply at C-Planet dot com. To make money, you have to promote the C-Planet Brands online or offline. But be careful in doing your promotions so as not to violate the Terms and Conditions. When you refer new players to Rushmore Casino you get paid. Basically, the more people the more money you will be getting. Payments are done every 15th of the month with a minimum payout of over $50 and the payment process is by check or wire transfer.

If you have a website you can paste the codes|tracking codes in your site. If you have none, you can rely on word of mouth in convincing people. In either way, the goal is to convince more people.

C-Planet’s casino affiliate program is a good earning program for casino lovers. If you love playing casino you will have no sweat telling people what you like about the game and convince them to try it.


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