January 07, 2008

It’s not uncommon to see old people in care homes although here in the Philippines I still see a lot of old people being taken care of by their children or even grandchildren in their houses. I find it really sweet to see family members personally caring for their old loved ones. But this situation is not always convenient especially if you have your own family to take care of and especially so when your loved one is suffering from an illness associated with old age which requires a special care due to them from experts.

Bettercaring dot com, a website dedicated to providing information and answers for people wanting help in finding care homes for their loved ones. There is a search button where you can just input the postal code or a town’s name and hit the search button and find the care homes available in that place. It also contains information about how to care for your loved ones, care tips from experts as well as a discussion section where people can chat and share ideas and problems. The discussion area is one of my most favorite part of the site. You get to learn real stories from real people like you searching for help in caring for their love ones.

Caring for your loved ones, deciding where and who will care for them is not easy. Bettercaring dot com might just help you with this.


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