August 13, 2008

spanish basketball team controversial photo,beijing olympics medal tally

The Spanish Basketball team's controversial photo.

Spain's Olympic basketball for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games defended the photo of the 15 basketball players using their fingers to make their eyes look more Chinese. The photo was shot inside a basketball court adorned with Chinese dragon and is part of the team sponsor- Seur's publicity campaign. The photo however was used only in Spain. But it reached the whole world and has caused a major upset to China.

“It was something like supposed to be funny or something but never offensive in any way,”
“I’m sorry if anybody thought or took it the wrong way and thought that it was offensive".- Pau Gasol said (Spain's center and player of LA Lakers)
More so according the Spanish Basketball Team to the Olypmics, the photo was a request from a photographer. However, the photo as seen by some people appears racist.

The Spanish Basketball team won against China in the basketball game last tuesday but consistently was beeing booed by the Chinese audience.

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  1. Spanish Basketball Team Controversial Photo said...
    ethioprienceohya said...
    what the spanish team did was wrong but as in everything in life and news it will pass but let me say this... the spanish beieve being ignorant about someone culture is become strong ( i think its the facist history) i don't know but as a black person i know for a fact that not all spanish people ar raceist but most are; the reason being i think is becuase they themselves are a victum of racisum; raceisum from Anglo-saxons ( germans and english). the spanish are seen as lazy and sexually uncontrolabel people who are not hard working; so i see how the spanish being racist and ignorant abt other people make them feel good so thats not they way ;but if it maks u feel good; then i will have a beer on u, cheers my german friends are waiting by the beach

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