August 13, 2008

Beijing Olympic Scandal

The charming little girl that sang in the Beijing Olympics Ceremony was a fake. She was not the real one who sang the "Ode to Motherland". This charming girl Lin Miaoke was ordered by a China official to lip sync because the seven-year-old singer Yang Peiyi, right, wasn't deemed cute enough.
The real singer, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, with her chubby face and crooked baby teeth, wasn’t good looking enough for the ceremony, its chief music director told state-owned Beijing Radio..

Peiyi later told China Central Television that just having her voice used was an honor. Source

That is so f$ck#ng sh$t. I can't imagine how that poor little Peiyi felt as she sang somewhere hidden while some other girl sang infront of 91,000 live audience and billions of worldwide watchers, pretending that Peiyi's angelic voice was her voice.

Yes, China is really wanting to make the Beijing Olympic Games a perfect one to the extent of playing with these two little girls. It's like telling Peiyi indirectly how ugly she is so at the last minute someone prettier than her had to face the crowd as she hides and sings. Lin on the other has to be the fraud to please the audience.

Peiyi deserves to be praised for her beautiful voice and cute face. She deserves to sing in front of hundreds of thousands. China should be proud of this cute little girl's amazing talent and not put up a deceptive show. If this olympic scandal hasn't been exposed, Lin would have taken all the credits, and who would have known about Peiyi?

I really pity Peiyi. Peiyi had thought she'd really be the one singing in fron the Beijing Olympics crowd since the change was a last minute one. I could not imagine how the little girl felt. Being replaced because of a chubby face and a crooked teeth. This is what I am most hurt about. They should have not given this poor girl the hope that she could sing live and in person, and worst tell the whole world that she's replaced because she's not pretty enough. Imagine telling that to a little girl. You tear down her confidence and self-esteem.
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  1. beijing olympics scandal said...
    Luz said...
    Solution:Let pretty Peiyi sing in the closing ceremony instead,not to save face but to indeed declare that she can represent China beautifully.And show the true beauty of China.
    lady said...
    hi Luz,

    i definitely agree. Peiyi should be shown to the world as the true beautiful talented girl who was the voice behind the angelic melody the thousands of people heard.

    anyway, thanks for the visit :)

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