August 20, 2008

Survey Programs- Am not a big fan of this type of make money at home programs. I just don't have a lot of luck with them, except for AWSURVEYS which paid me $50 in more or less 2 weeks and dNeero which paid me $20.

But don't get me wrong because I know the potential of making money from surveys. I've seen a lot of proofs and I could only wish I am in America or in Canada or in UK so that I can join and make money at home.

Some Surveys pay really well. On estimate, one could earn about at least a $100 every month from different Survey sites. Say you join 5 surveys sites that are legit ones. You devote 2 hours doing 1 survey for each survey site. I am pretty confident you can earn more than $100 every month. So go ahead try your luck. It's free after all.

Here are some survey sites you can choose from with free sign ups:

1. International Test and Vote
2. Panda Research
3. Tik Tik Cash
4. Survey Savvy


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