August 20, 2008

This is the latest update on the results of the Olympic Medal Tally as of Day 12, 4:44P.M.

Countries in the lead in terms of overall olympic medals obtained:

Country- Overall Medal Tally
1. USA -79
2. China- 77
3. Russia- 44
4. Great Britain- 36
5. Australia- 35

In terms of Gold Medal Tally, China leads with 44 Gold Medals

Country- Gold Medals
1. China- 44
2. USA- 26
3. Great Britain- 16
4. Russia- 12
5. Australia- 11

The Beijing Olympic Games is about to end. China leads in terms of Gold Medals and USA leads in terms of overall medal tally count. Who will be champion in Beijing Olympics? Who will make it to the top 10 countries in terms of final medal tally count?

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