August 13, 2008

What's the latest in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Day 5?

China beats USA in Women's Gymnastics, getting GOLD Medal.

USA's Gymnastic Team was disappointed. It was a devastating defeat.

Alicia Sacramone crouched on the ground near the floor, her head buried in her hands, disbelief etched across her face.

The Olympic gold medal was in the Americans’ grasp, the title that would say, yes, they really are the world’s best team. And they fumbled it away.

With a fall off the beam here, a splat on the floor there and two more steps out of bounds Wednesday, the Americans all but personally handed the gold medals to the Chinese team and settled for silver.

China’s score of 188.9 points was more than two points ahead of the U.S., a blowout in a competition that was supposed to be decided by the slimmest of margins. Source:

The Americans have always been the stronger, dominating team in women's gymnastics. They've won the world championships the past years. But today is not a good day for the American Gymnastic Team. Not a lucky day!

It's Chinese Gymnastic team's lucky day instead. They won the gold medal with only meager of points ahead th USA.

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