August 11, 2008

As of Beijing Olympic Games Medal Tally Results for Day 4. The list of medals obtained by United States of America, the Sports, and the Athletes who obtained the medals.

All Medals for USA
Medal Sport Event Athlete
Silver Women's 100-Meter
Swimming Rebecca Soni
Gold Men's 100-Meter
Swimming Aaron Peirsol
Silver Men's 100-Meter Backstroke Swimming Matt Grevers
Gold Women's 100-Meter
Swimming Natalie Coughlin
Bronze Women's 100-Meter
Swimming Margaret Hoelzer
Gold Men's 200-Meter Freestyle Swimming Michael Phelps
Bronze Men's 200-Meter Freestyle Swimming Peter Vanderkaay
Bronze Women's Trap (75 Targets) Shooting Corey Cogdell
Gold Men's 4x100-Meter
Freestyle Relay
Silver Women's 400-Meter
Swimming Katie Hoff
Silver Women's 100-Meter
Swimming Christine Magnuson
Silver Women's
4x100-Meter Freestyle Relay
Bronze Women's
400-Meter Individual Medley
Swimming Katie Hoff
Bronze Men's 400-Meter Freestyle Swimming Larsen Jensen
Gold Men's 400-Meter
Individual Medley
Swimming Michael Phelps
Bronze Men's 400-Meter
Individual Medley
Swimming Ryan Lochte
Gold Women's Individual Sabre Fencing Mariel Zagunis
Silver Women's Individual Sabre Fencing Sada Jacobson
Bronze Women's Individual Sabre Fencing Becca Ward

Beijing Olympic Games Medal Tally and Count

USA Medal Count
Australia Medal Count

China Medal Count
South Korea Medal Count
Italy Medal Count
Great Britain Medal Count
UK medal Count
Netherlands Medal Count
Japan Medal Count
Philippines Medal Count
Czech Medal Count
Russia Medal Count

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