August 09, 2008

Here's an Update on the latest in Beijing Olympics 2008.

What started as a spectacular, dazzling Beijing Olympics ceremony was followed by the stabbing of two Americans and 1 chinese tour guide at the Drum Tower (13th century tourist attraction).

The culprit was a chinese man 47 years old, named Tang Yongming.

The American victims were: Todd and Barbara Bachman = the in laws of U.S men's indoor volleball coach Hugh McCutcheon and parents of former U.S. women's volleyball player Elisabeth Bachman. Todd Bachman died as a result.

While the assailant committed suicide by leaping from a 130-foot-high balcony of the ancient landmark Drum Tower.

This tragic event raises the issue of security in Beijing China. Security issues that has been questioned even before the Olympics started. Certainly the death of Todd Bachman is a great loss to his family and to the Americans. What is supposed to be a happy event, became a nightmare for the Americans involved. The China government has to tighten it's securities and ensure the safety of all the participants and tourists in the Beijing Olympics 2008.

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  1. 2008 Bar Examination Results said...
    This is really horrible. It may have affected the Americans but I am sure in the positive way for they have been doing very well so far in the different categories they joined.

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