December 24, 2007

The Sock Is Empty

We all wanted our niece to experience the Christmas celebration like how we experienced it when we were her age, over 3 years old, where we got presents from people who love us and most of all present from Santa. We believed Santa Claus existed back then and so we'd hang socks on the Christmas Tree for Santa to fill with gifts and goodies. In the morning we will be thrilled to see candies, chocolates, some toys and money inside our socks. Santa was our magical friend. That was before and we know now who Santa really is.

Anyway, we told our niece to hang socks because its Christmas and Santa will reward children who are good and who obey their parents. We told her Santa will come at midnight when all the children are asleep and will bring presents for them. My niece excitedly obeyed placing not one but two socks for Santa to fill.

During the day, however my niece with her parents had to go to the nearby city to visit a relative and they are to come back the following day. So we didn't bother to fill the socks with goodies for there's the whole tomorrow to do that. But things changed and my niece and her parents arrived on the same day they left. Checking on her empty socks we could see the dismay on her face. The sock was empty. Could Santa have forgotten her? And so we had to reassure her that Santa just got busy and will give her presents when she's asleep. Luckily my niece understand and even reasoned out that Santa just thought she was someplace else.

Well, we managed to fill in the stocks with the goodies she wanted the following day she woke up. We could see how happy our little angel was. Now she really believes Santa exists and will look forward for Santa to come again and visit her. She didn't know Santa was with her all the time. Hahhaha!


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