December 27, 2007

Smorty a get paid to blog program which gives bloggers the opportunity to write their opinion about certain products and websites. The only requirement is the inclusion of advertisers’ keyword in the bloggers site, the anchor text, the back links, and the minimum words. The likelihood of post rejected is very slim and bloggers have the chance to correct a post that has been rejected.

There is also an affiliate program aside the pay bloggers get per post they make. The affiliate program gives the blogger 5% commission for all the earnings accumulated by his referral. Since smorty members have very high chance of making $6 to $100 per offer, the affiliate program is therefore very promising. The payment system is also fast and easy. Using Paypal as the primary mode of payment, earnings are sent on a weekly basis.

Smorty on a scale of 1-10 may rank comfortably sit at number 9. Its strongest feature is the fast payment system. The “but” however is the unavailability of offers at times if you have a low ranking blog. To make the most of smorty one must have a high ranking blog. The more high ranking blogs you also have the more you can double your earnings. Bloggers who want money must be quick and blog for money at Smorty.


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