September 09, 2008

OMG! Ball Jointed Dolls are selling well. Many people are hooked to this BJD - Ball Jointed Dolls. Mind you, they are not cheap. As I see, these dolls look like ordinary dolls to me. But they are so pricey.

Ball jointed dolls as defined by Wikipedia

ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. In contemporary usage when referring to modern dolls, and particularly when using the acronyms BJD or ABJD it usually refers to modern Asian ball-jointed dolls.[1] These are cast in polyurethane resin, a hard, dense plastic, and the parts strung together with a thick elastic. They are predominantly manufactured in Japan and South Korea, and in 2006 Chinese manufacturers entered the market. BJD design is both realistic and influenced by anime with proportionally large heads and big eyes. They range in size from about 60 cm (2 feet) for the larger dolls, 40 cm (16 in) for the mini dolls, and all the way down to 10 cm (4 in) or so for the tiniest of the tiny BJDs. BJDs are made to be easy to customize, by painting, changing the eyes and wig, and so forth.

Despite the price, many people are buying ball jointed dolls. The nicest thing about Ball Jointed Dolls or BJD is being able to customize your doll. You can change it's wig, dress, hands, feet and eyes. But eyes for your BJD can cause somewhere between $30 to $100. Now that's a lot of money!


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