August 20, 2008

It is very essential for every paypal account holder to follow simple steps to protect his paypal account against keyloggers. Keylogging is a method of capturing and recording user keystrokes on your computer. Once a keylogger software or program is installed on your pc, it will only be a matter of hours or days before your paypal account will be hacked and all your money withdrawn.

Important reminders to bring in mind everytime you open your paypal account:

1. Always log in to your paypal account using
2. Check for Verisign Verification to ensure that you are proceeding to the correct paypal website.
3. Make a regular scanning of you computer against viruses, spywares, adwares and keyloggers.
4. Don't use your computer keyboards in typing your password.
5. Change your paypal password every month.

I will focus on the fourth reminder. Ordinary virus or spyware removers cannot detect the presence of keyloggers. They may not even remove it when detected. Whether you suspect that your computer has a keylogger installed, or whether your computer is squeky clean from unwanted adwares, always use the "on-screen keyboard" in typing your password to your paypal account. This way keyloggers won't be able to detect and record your password. This is a simple yet very effective step to protecting your paypal account.


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