August 25, 2008

The 2008 Beijing Olympics has ended. This blog has focused on this event for the past days- from the day the Olympics started until the day it ended. There are just two purposes for shifting from the main topic of this blog which is affiliate marketing | affiliate programs:

1. Provide information about current events
2. Make money from current events

In the blogosphere, traffic is the key to making more money. Traffic is like food to us webmasters. We need traffic to either sell a product, promote an affiliate program, or to earn from the ads displayed on our sites. The more traffic your blog or site gets, the more money you are likely to make.

For the Olympic Games event, although I was late in optimizing this blog for better SERP, yet I was able to get into the 1st -3rd page of google search results in some keywords. Thus I get over a thousand visits at times.

Unlike other webmasters who reached $600 from adsense because of the heavy traffic, I managed to just pull off over $200. But that's my quota and I'm sure glad I reached it before the month of August ends.

There is still traffic from Olympic Final Medal Tally, Olympic Final Medal Count, Medal Count in Olympics and other keywords related to Olympics. I hope the traffic continues for more days and I hope to get more earnings from adsense so that I can buy myself a new cellular phone. Oh yes I need a new phone because my old phone has some problems. In the next days I will be talking again about how to make money online and about affiliate programs.

And yes, a million thanks to my visitors!


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