August 14, 2008

If there's one affiliate marketing program that I really love from the start is Clickbooth. This affiliate marketing program has been a consistent money maker. Making money with this program is quite fast. I really endorse this affiliate program because it's:

- it's easy to promote
- there are many products to promote
- the payout per lead or sale is high
- minimum payout is only $50
- it accepts everyone from any part of the world to be an affiliate

You might wonder, why I suddenly talk about this affiliate program, and shifted away from the Beijing Olympics Event. Actually the reason is that I happened to check on my clickbooth account today and realized that I'm scheduled for another payment. Clickbooth pays every 15th of the month. It's 14th of the month so am scheduled to get my money tomorrow.

I badly need the money. I think these days everyone needs money. Any amount of money is important. So, i'm always on the lookout of ways to make money online fast. So yes, i've been making money online for the past months. And I tell you there are indeed easy ways to make money online. So anyway, I will update this post for the screenshot of money from Clickbooth affiliate program.


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