May 20, 2008

Here's another great affiliate program- Matched.Co.UK . You get £5 for every referral that you bring to the program. Not dollars but pounds. To get your £5 your referral must first place the ads in their blogs for a month and that's the time when you get paid.

If you refer a lot of people say 100 in a month's time, then you get £500. That's in exaggeration though as it's hard to get many referrals but it's not impossible however. As a blogger, it's a must that you join Matched.Co.UK.

Now that you know about this great affiliate program, my guess is that you will join but some of you will not join under my referral. You don't want to give me an easy £5. But it's your decision. If you join under me my sincerest gratitude! If not, I respect that. But we have this thing called "karma". It can strike back at the "ingratos"!

So good luck and start your way to making more and more money!

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