April 17, 2008

Despite some people telling me that clickbooth is a scam, I refuse to believe them. And why would I believe them, clickbooth has been paying me since I joined. Other people may have bad experiences with clickbooth but there are also those like me who have a good experience, a good relation with clickbooth. I don't question people criticizing clickbooth, they have their own stories to tell, and so do I.

So anyway, lets talk about the affiliate program of clickbooth. Clickbooth offers $10 per referral- active referral you bring to their program. It's a huge amount of money for a single referral. Just target 10 Referrals every month and you are set to receiving a $100. So work hard as an affiliate with clickbooth and get other people to join the program.. Also don't ignore promoting the clickbooth products to ensure you get additional commissions month after month.


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