January 19, 2008

A lot of people have credits but there are many people as well with no credit. Long before it’s almost impossible to get payday loans without a credit history to show. Your good credit rating is a pre requisite to getting payday loan. But nowadays, some companies offer online payday loans even if you have no credit or you have a bad credit standing. One of reputable institutions offering this kind, is Perfect Cash Advance. It does not require a credit at all, because your loan is borrowed against your future paycheck. The amount that you can borrow ranges from $300 to $1500. Approval is incredibly fast, it could be in seconds for frequent customers to an hour or two to new customers. Both customers enjoy approval for less than a day.

Another noteworthy aspect about Perfect Cash Advance is the options available to borrowers in case they can’t pay their loans in full. Perfect Cash Advance allows customers to choose to pay the loan amount less the fee, or pay the finance fee and portion of the loan, or pay only the finance fee for the time being. This arrangement puts borrowers in a safer, more comfortable position. Other institutions do not offer this kind of arrangement and thus if customers can’t pay their loans in full they suffer the consequences the hard way. Perfect Cash Advance is more lenient in this regard.


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