January 29, 2008

It's been overly said by a of people- Your blog is a reflection of yourself! Is it? It should be! After all it's your blog and by technical definition - a blog is like an online diary. It contains everything about you, your life, your experiences. But then, you can still blog yet restrict your readers access to your private life.

Do you know that those little designs in your blog can further enhance it and invite readers attention? To increase interactivity in your website you can opt to give contests, give freebies or give money. But if you can't afford all of these, there's an easy way to increase interactivity in your websites. This is through polls or surveys . Famous bloggers and websites have polls in them. Take for instance John Chow or the Pro Blogger's websites. I hope you get what I mean. Besides online surveys in your website is a simple way of getting what your readers have in mind about certain issues. If you want an online survey in your own blog you can get one for free at Easy Poll. All you need is a very little two minutes of your time to register, then start customizing your online survey or poll and paste in your site.


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