January 11, 2008


This one is for those engage in the Construction Industry.

Cskills dot org a reputable site dealing with providing training programs for workers in the construction industry. Cskills dot org is based in the United Kingdom. With this site, employers can train old and new recruits and develop their expertise by enrolling them at CITB Construction Skills Grant. Here’s how it works. The industry asks Construction Skills to collect an annual Levy from all liable employers. Grants are then given to employers to develop their workforce through training.

The different grants available vary depending on who will be trained. You can choose the grant concerning the support of apprentices. A structured apprenticeship programme can accelerate the learning. It’s important for the apprentice to grasp the fundamentals involved in construction. A good foundation is important for the apprentice to be of value to you and your business. Other grants concern qualifying your existing workforce, carding your plant team, technical management professional, qualifying the next generation, or developing your business. As an employer, you get all the benefits in enrolling your workforce in a training programme. Let's face you need a competitive workforce that can compete with the best in the field. Your success depends largely on the skills your employees possess.


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