December 15, 2007

Kayaking In New Zealand

Today December 15, 2007 commemorates the 1st year since I visited New Zealand and experience Kayaking for the very first time in my whole life. New Zealand is surrounded by beautiful oceans and beautiful coastline. There are lots of wonderful places for sea kayaking in New Zealand such as Auckland’s Waitemata. My whole kayaking experience in New Zealand is very memorable. There are many other beautiful spots in New Zealand aside from beaches.

Did you know that New Zealand is internationally recognized as an irreplaceable source of life and inspiration? When I first took a glimpse at this magnificent country I was literally mesmerized and blown away by the wonderful scenery especially as I see it at my window at one of the Auckland Hotels where we stayed. There are native forests and remote island sanctuaries that will surely capture your heart as well.

I long for the time when I can visit New Zealand once more. Accomodation is not a problem when visiting this tourist attraction as there are many affordable New Zealand Hotels, Wellington Hotels, Christchurch hotels available.


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