December 21, 2007

Donate A Boat

I must admit the idea is peculiar to me. I am more used to the concept of donating old clothes, old appliances, old family computer, or your old tennis racket. But there is an organization which accepts boat donations for a good cause. It’s called Boatangel. This organization aims to create and distribute free dvds, absolutely for no charge Children’s Christian Animations on DVDs to Children from the proceeds they get for your charity boat donations that are sold at ebay. If you have unused boats at home even if it’s old, not that functional as it used to be, why don’t you donate it to boatangel. Of course if you could donate a nicer boat then the better.

Boatangel organization has just completed an AntiDrug Use Documentary which features some sports superstars like Jay Adams and Dennis Martinez in their rise to fame, fall from drugs and redemption. I have embed a Youtube video below about this Anti Drug Use Documentary. Watch Video Below.

Boatangel has been helping people, promoting a good cause and definitely deserves our support. To support Boatangel you can buy their Children’s Christian Animation DVDs or donate a boat. Well, if you so desire, you can donate not only boats, but old cars, even cash.

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