July 15, 2007

Paid to Sign Up, Refer Others, Read E-Mail, Complete Offers, and More!;
This website pays you $5 by just signing up. Refer others and you earn $5. Read emails and you get paid. Complete offers you get paid. Some offers are completely free and some require a certain fee. Search the net and you get paid. Play online and get paid.

Another earning opportunity. Works through the referral system and you get paid for the time you spend online using slashmysearch search bar. Basically you earn for your activity inside slashmysearch. You use it in searching anything online and get paid a few cents.

The similarity between these two earning sites rest on the fact that you get paid per search. Both sites use snap in bringing your search results.


  1. Ayesha Seerin said...
    I just signed up in SlashMysearch ..
    Can u tell me what they mean by "activity" ??

    What is corelation between number of searches and the earnings ??

    (sisgned up in the firts site with u as referral )
    lady influence said...
    you use slashmysearch like a search engine. you make your searches using it's search get paid according to the searches you make. so the more searches you make, the more money you get.

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