July 11, 2007

Earn At Adtoll

Why use AdToll?
If you own a website and want to make money then AdToll is your answer! We provide the ability for you to sell ads on your site and make money. All that is needed from you is a website and the ability to alter the HTML.

Can I have multiple ad types on my site?
Yes. We offer you the ability to setup multiple Ad Groups for your site in a variety of media formats (text and banner ads).

What do I charge for ads?
You can sell ads on your site for whatever price you wish but keep in mind the cheaper the more attractive it is to potential advertisers. Prices do vary based on certain factors including the number of pageviews your site gets and the average number of clicks on ads. If you are unsure we recommend starting low then as your Ad Pool fills make it more expensive.

What will I earn?
We will pay you a 75% commission on all ads sold on your site. For example if you sell an ad for $100, you will earn $75. The other $25 is kept by us for providing the service, maintenance, support, marketing etc...

Can I set guidelines/restriction for what ads can appear on my site?
Yes. You have complete control over the content and relevancy of the ads that appear on your site. When you set up your site you are asked to provide an allowable ad rating and select the industries you wish to restrict.

Do I approve ads that advertisers book on my site?
Yes. Ads do commence by default but you have 24 hours to deny the booking if you feel the ad does not fall within your guidelines.

What statistics are provided?
You will be able to view real-time statistics on all of your customers ads broken down by day, which includes ad views and clicks.

What is done with unsold ad space?
In the situation where your Ad Pool is not filled with Sponsored Ads you will be provided with Run Of Network ads.
Is there a minimum payment?
Yes. Cheque and PayPal payments require a minimum of $20 in earnings, Wire Transfers require a minimum of $1,000 in earnings and payments to your AdToll Account Credit have no minimum. If your earnings do not meet this minimum, the amount will be carried over to your next month's earnings.


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